Find out how to reach a new level of Ascension

Over the past thirty years, we at SLEEP AND ACHIEVE CD’s and other specialists in the fields of neurolinguistics, superlearning and unconscious problem solving processes have developed dynamic, new sleep program techniques. The documentation that sleeptime absorbing works is substantiated by years of university research. Our addition to the concept of Neuro-Linguistic Programming is that if you focus on your resources and how you can make them active in your life instead of focusing on your problems, you'll automatically attract the resolutions to your problems at an unconscious level because you're operating from the resolution space to begin with. Hence, you can prevent and solve problems before they even come into your conscious awareness. Essentially, these CD’s give you the opportunity to activate, release and strengthen your latent capabilities and resources by making them more spontaneous and systemic. Two of the many benefits of our sleep programs are an accelerated absorbing of the material and these CD’s help to alleviate insomnia. Get some sleep and help to develop new ways of thinking and feeling. What a concept! Also see the additional programs available at