Find out how to reach a new level of Ascension

Personal Excellence

YOU can do ANYTHING you put your mind to! Reach beyond! Strive for the absolute pinnacle of your abilities and capabilities and attain what you thought was impossible... YOUR PERSONAL BEST!

Marriage and Relationship Repair

Repair your marriage or relationship by re-training your mind while you sleep. Through recorded affirmations and positive input, you can make the most of your life and relationships. YOU DESERVE IT!

Mental Power for Physical Healing

We all know the capabilities of the mind when it comes to physical healing. Its no secret that a healthy mind begets a healthy body. Here is everything you need to be able to stimulate and regenerate your mental power to feel and look well.

The Scholastic Excellence Sleeptime Activation CD

This CD addresses and will assist in improving the four essentials for better grades. 1. The ability to motivate one's self to study. 2. To retain the material being studied. 3. The ability to take tests calmly. 4. To recall studied material during tests All with the ease and convenience of SLEEPTIME reprogramming.

The Real Estate Pro Activation CD

Qualifying buyers effectively Selecting and Demonstrating Property Negotiating Offers Marketing Properties Obtaining Commitments Answering Objections Handling Telephone Transactions Overcoming Sources of Conflict This CD also helps alleviate insomnia. Get a good nights sleep and sharpen your talents while you sleep.

The Food is Fuel Slenderized Sleeptime Activation CD

This CD will change your hunger for food into hunger for activity, effortlessly, while you sleep. Pleasurable, joyful activity can be a major factor in achieving and maintaining optimum body weight and will help to produce and keep better over all health. The activation process will also help to improve self confidence and self esteem, which will create a happier and more optimistic approach to new ways of thinking and feeling. DEVELOP urges for HEALTHY HABITS while you sleep.

The Golf Pro Mindset Activation CD

This CD provides tools and techniques to address the essentials for the Pro Golf Mindset. Stay Mentally Focused Utilize Golf Tactics and Training Effectively Develop and Maintain Confidence Play a better game of golf with a skill set you learn while you sleep.

Update Your Life Program

A dramatic life-plan program of confidence building strategies that empowers manifesting skills and provides stress management techniques, designed for today's rapidly changing world.


2 Disc Set DISC ONE—INSTRUCTION: This is an instructional CD that addresses three distinct techniques for SUPER-CHARGING YOUR POWERS OF MANIFESTATION. The first is the Law of Attraction, the second is based on the Strength and formulation of Intention, and the third is Spiritual Alchemy which will energize the law of attraction You will learn how to implement a system of mental processing called SOLUTION BASED THINKING. DISC TWO—SLEEPTIME ACTIVATION AUDIO CD: This audio CD will retrain your subconscious mind to overwrite the obsolete, negative communications received from past experiences, while you are sleeping.