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University studies have demonstrated that sleep learning is a process that takes place during natural sleep. It consists of introducing into the human mind information which is absorbed and processed while the student is asleep. The sleep learning begins while the student is in a deep relaxed sleep. I have developed methods to achieve accelerated learning and accelerated healing through these Sleep Time Audio products. A unique combination of techniques was formed over 21 years to bring you a product that offers far more than any healing meditations product, far more than any guided meditations product, far more than any accelerated learning product you have experienced. As an example, The How to Make the Law of Attraction Work for You Activation SleepTime CD uses a powerful technique to harness gratitude, intention, and anger management for goal achievement, while you sleep. It will also remind you to use the tools and techniques in your waking life to accelerate the progress. Theses CDs can help you use every attribute, every talent, every trait, and every emotion you experience to create positive results in your life. All of these discs are based on the premise that our thoughts create situations, conditions, and things in our lives. These life events and circumstances are directly related to the images we hold in our mind and how we feel about those images. In other words, what we think about with great feeling attracts similar energy. These CDs help you harness those thoughts and feelings to create positive results. We spend one third of our lives sleeping. Why not use that time to help improve situations and conditions in your life? Our Sleep Time Activation CDs help you use your sleeping hours more productively to advance your career, improve your health, and find happiness. Our customers use our uniquely formulated Sleep Time Ds to: → Realize the Law of Attraction → Improve memory → Absorb study material → Overcome anxiety → Increase sales abilities → Improve Health and wellbeing → Increase money and cash flow → Improve athletic performance Over the past thirty years, specialists in the fields of neurolinguistics, superlearning and unconscious problem solving processes have developed dynamic, new sleep program techniques. Our addition to the concept of Neuro-Linguistic Programming is that if you focus on your resources and how you can make them active in your life instead of focusing on your problems, you'll automatically attract the resolutions to your problems at an unconscious level because you're operating from the resolution space to begin with. Hence, you can prevent and solve problems before they even come into your conscious awareness. Essentially, these CDs give you the opportunity to activate, release and strengthen your latent capabilities and resources by making them more spontaneous and systemic.