Astrology is a complex study which fosters self-awareness and empathy.  It gives you a chance to articulate strengths and weakness in a way that softens our normal human defensiveness.  The clarity and nuance presented in a full natal chart or synergistic partner readings is incredibly accurate and beneficial.  Timothy adds an incredible psychic insight and expertise to help you make sense and best use of this information.

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Whether it is your first time or you are a seasoned astrologer Timothy provides exceptional accuracy, with a deep understanding of synergy with self and others. Call now for phone appointment or to set up a live session (619)-818-6483 or contact below:  

Planets and Their Meanings

  What do the planets mean in your birth chart? When someone asks you what sign you are and you say “Libra” or “Sagittarius”, you are referring to the constellation that the sun was in when you were born. Many people who feel astrology is too vague, or does not describe their personality, are surprised … Continue reading Planets and Their Meanings