Wednesday September 4, 2019

Wednesday, September 4th –

Almost every area of life is being affected by astrological energy this week 😟. Yesterday and today, Venus makes it’s only opposition to Neptune for the whole year, which can bring out confusion 😞 in determining what is real and what is not. Conflict may arise in personal relationships because of a lack of discernment. We can be caught in a web of fantasies 😍 and romantic illusions and become easily deceived in close relationships 😲. The high side is heightened talents for the ability to make the necessary changes demanded within close relationships. The Neptune influence also promotes the gregarious and unconventional, original and objective traits, bring life to be viewed from a more intellectual πŸ’‘ stance and endowing with abilities to develop new and original ideas and projects, particularly when working with groups of people. So, let’s all get together and feel alright.


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