Thursday, August 29, 2019

Thursday, August 29th –
The Moon 🌚 moves into Virgo ♍️ this afternoon, coupling up with the Sun 🌞 , producing the energy for new beginnings in at least one area of life, but might also give myopic vision that can lack objectivity and perspective. The dynamic vibration of the Sun can overpower the Moon; bringing the ego 😏 into prominence and emotions into submission to it. Try to not take things too personally and head for the train wreck 🚞 of perceiving that everything is all about you. The upside is a joining with Mercury, enhancing the intuitive and imaginative πŸ’‘ faculties, making it easier to sense other people’s thoughts and feelings. This is one of those days when you think of someone and then your phone rings and it’s them. For the next 2 days we will have five planets in Virgo, emphasizing the Virgo traits to the maximum. Those with Virgo prominent in their birth charts will be doubly affected and become super computers eschewing data πŸ“ˆ a mile a minute, so expect the thoughts to hop from thought to thought faster than ever.

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