Saturday August 31, 2019

Saturday, August 31st –
The Moon 🌚 has progressed into Libra ♎️ bringing a more pronounced desire for harmonious ⚖️ conditions and situations. Today’s stresses are still all on that pesky Virgonian analysis 📊 and criticism and the urges for extra factual and realistic processing of information, which can be ever so nitpicky and probably fussy too. One rather odd and unusual vibe from this combo of energy is a call to be moral and ethical ☝🏼. Ethics is to know that stealing is wrong, being moral is not doing it. Personal karma is caused by what we feel and think about what we have done; so those with a strong conscience should avoid doing anything that can bring about self incrimination and induce repercussions, such as dropping the phone 📱 in the toilet, the computer freezing up, car problems and the fringes of life to deteriorate. The feminine side of vibration (a receptive and magnetic nature) is very emphasized making appreciation of loving conditions 🥰easier and the intuitional sensing more acute and accurate. When you ‘know’, trust it, because you do know you know. 🤔

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